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Property Development

The location is the most important factor of a development. Our company conducts property valuations, buys land and undertakes the development for independent investors as well. We follow these basic steps to ensure the best result:


    • We clarify the client’s needs (Client Needs Brief).
    • Based on criteria such us population, economic etc, we identify areas that satisfy our investment’s requirements.
    • We locate and negotiate the properties which are in line with our investment’s needs.
    • We buy and build or renovate the property.


Detailed Design | Permissions | Renovations

Our company undertakes the detailed design of construction project, taking into account the functionality and the aesthetics.



Architectural Design
    • Identify property’s characteristics
    • Specify client’s needs
    • Interior layout
    • Façade design
    • Interior design
    • Materials research & selection
    • Photorealistic illustration (Digital 3D model)


    • Present project and review it with the client



Development Approval
    • Identify property’s characteristics
    • Structural design
    • Seismic design
    • Adjustment the design based on the architectural design and vice versa


    • Get issued permits by the relevant authorities


    • Supervise the project (foundation, concreting etc.)





Mechanical Design
    • Specify property’s characteristics (orientation, environment’s temperature etc.)



    • Determine client’s requirement
    • Application of “Regulation of Energy Performance of Buildings” (KENAK)


    • HVAC design (insulation, heating, hot water, air conditioning, energy saving applications etc.)



    • Electrical design (networks, alarm system, satellite cable etc.)


    • Present project and review it with the client


    • Get issued permits by the relevant authorities


    • Supervise the project


    Smart building applications

Residential || Office || Retail || Touristic Developments

Legalization of arbitrary structures

Our company, in accordance with the last legislation, conducts all the necessary actions for the conservation-legalization of arbitrary buildings-structures. We have already successfully processed 100s of such cases.